Sunday, June 17, 2007


I'm in the Czech. It has been almost three weeks since I arrived here for the summer and already God has taught my so much about himself, cross cultural missions, and my future. The other day I had some awesome time with God. I had a lot of questions and things on my soul about my future and things like that. I sat on a park bench reading Psalm 119 and Peter's encounter with Christ on the beach. As I asked God for answers instead he asked me a simple question. He asked me if I loved him. The same charge that he gave to Peter on the beach. Did I love him enough to follow him no matter where it would lead me and what that would mean?
That has made all the difference. The answer to that questions was so freeing I can't describe it. He didn't give me details but like he so often does he gave me himself which is what I really needed.
Please be praying that I will continue to seek him. Also pray for me team's health and unity. We about 2 weeks before camps start so please pray that as we visit schools and prepare during this time we would be diligent and fruitful. Also pray for our time at camp that God would move. Thanks you so much for partnering along side me in this ministry.
I will try and post some pictures soon.
Chao for now