Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Yes twice in one month

I know for those of you who keep track of this site that it is rather uncommon...ok, it has never happened before, i think, but I'm posting for a second time in one month. That being said lets get on with the good stuff.
Last week I was given the privilege of attending Josiah Venture's new missionary training. It was an incredible experience of meeting new faces of people that I hope to call co-worker with soon, hearing about what my life's calling has in store for me, and getting some wicked sweet advice. I forgot to mention but Dave Patty was there. Dave is the founder and president of Josiah Venture, a man who literally writes my text books, and some one that I greatly admire.That night ended with Dave, My roommate, a others and myself standing in a circle and talking about life. I was so blessed. On the way back to school I had time to talk with Krupa about mission's stuff and life in Czech. Krupa is a JV missionary who is a Moody for the year doing his Master's work. He has become a mentor to me over the past months. We got to talk about all those things that you never remember during question and answer times.
Last night I received some great news. I now have two churches that are behind me and supporting me. God is simple amazing. Unfortunately I can only do so much to get ready to leave right now because I'm still waiting on a lot(like all of it actually) of paper work from JV.
As for the rest of life it is going really good. God has given me a few surprises that have really caught me off guard but I'm enjoying it a lot. The semester is full of reading and a few papers and I can't believe that it is already February and next week is the start of Moody's Founder's week. Which is a week long Bible conference. it is fun but very draining as well.
Things to Pray for:
That I would get my info from JV so I can start aggressively raisng support
Pray fro God's provision during the upcoming months for school related items as well as support
Pray for Melissa my co-leader and our team of Americans and Czech(Which I have no info on)
Pray for the churches we will be working with and the one I'm at now.

Thank you all so much for reading this and being a part of my life.

Monday, January 14, 2008

oh my... time flies

Well hello to every one. After a long hiatus that I like to think of as a hibernation I'm back. Today is the beginning of the end. This marks the first day of my last semester in college. It crazy to think of all that will come to a fulfillment on May 17. Five years of college and a year spent trying to find my place in the world later I'll have my BA and I'll be off to spend the rest of my life acting like I know what it is that I'm doing. Almost a quarter of a lifetime's adventures come to a close and the second big stage of life begins.
The next great adventure that I get to go on is one that I'm unfamiliar with and forces me to revert back to a stage of almost total dependence on others. The Czech awaits, my adventure awaits. Am I ready? This is the big question I find myself struggling with lately. Are we ever ready for the things that await us around the next turn? Beginning a career, getting married, starting a family, the end of one thing and the beginning of another? I feel like that feeling of readiness will be something that continually evades me. I guess that that is the beauty of ministry. There are simply so many curve balls and "x-factors" that I don't ever feel ready but I work for this guy who isn't ever caught be surprises. Since I'm only a steward of my situation I can't go beyond his decisions. I find comfort in this. I don't call the shots, the burden of ultimate responsibility isn't hanging on my shoulders. there is beauty in that.