Thursday, June 10, 2010

How could I forget

I'm not generally a forgetful guy. In fact when it comes to useless trivia I'm a wellspring of information. No matter how similar to a still trap my mind is I forget things. We all do, its normal. Forgetfulness is part of the human condition. This is why we have sticky notes, alarm clocks and calendars or for some people strings on their fingers. I personally prefer the Memento method. (interesting movie!)
I forget to take out the garbage or to sort the recycling. Some times I forget to wash behind my ears. From time to time in the shower I forget if I've washed my hair...which means double shampoo usage luckily I don't use much cause I hardly have any hair. I'll tell you a secrete, shhh come closer, I occasionally forget to lock my car door. But these are little things we all forget little things.
It was recently that I realized I had forgotten a Major thing, a life changing thing. I forgot about the joy of following Jesus. I forgot about the joy that comes with all the promises of grace and forgiveness. Its crazy I know but some where in the daily grind of life mixed with all the questions and doubts I lost track of the simple joy that comes from being forgiven.
I realized this during of time of worship here are the two songs that brought me back may they remind or entice you of joy. I recommend ignoring the video and focusing on the sound.