Thursday, July 12, 2007

my second update

Hello every one.
I want to apologize first for what will probably be poor English. The longer I'm here the more I seem to lose.So much has happened since my last update. I spent for days or so in Austria. I was in a little Alpine village called Hallshtate. It sits by a large lake and is sorounded by Mountains and is home to 3,000 year old salt minds used by the Romans that are still active today. I also spent a week in a lovely little house right on a lake in a touristy town called Telch. Telch is in the Czech. The train trip to and from Austria was a nightmare. Both to and from our 9hr ride turned into 14 plus hours. We had our first week of camp, which was a blast. It was so cool to see God working. I met some great students and had some really neat conversations with them. I also give one of the nightly talks. Its about love and is based off of the women at the well. I also did some heavy recruiting with the American team that we worked with. We had a hike day where I talked to a kid about Moody for 3-4 hrs. It was nice having some crazy Americans and getting to go wild at camp. On the last night we were thanked by the Czech team and as I stood in front of our camp about to say one thing I loved about the camp. 69 peoplestarted cheering my name and going wild. It was so unbeliveable it almost brought me to tears. It was the biggest affirmatiopn I could have had.
As for me personaly I fell in love with a city called Tabor, this is the home of our first camp. As I ponder my possible future here that is diffinatly a place that is a possiblity. I'm experiance a lot of freedom through what God is showing me and I'm pretty sure he wants me here fulltime. The only care I have right is trying to figure out how to get here as soon as and as often as possible. I've talked to some people and I'm going to try to make it here over my winter break to do an mini-camp. One year ago I never would have thought that I would end up here in this situation.
I had a great birthday. I spent the day with my roommate Hawaii after we both braved the Czech train system by ourselves. I also recived some amazing news that one of the students I had in a discussion group during our March camp ended up giving his life to the lord this past week. It is so cool to see God move.
Please continue to pray for me and my team as we have two more camps to go.