Wednesday, March 28, 2007

The Czech

I wanted to update this after my recent trip to the Czech Republic. With out giving a full treatment to the trip simple because I don't have the time our space right now. It was unbelievable. I learned so much from the missionaries I met there and the ministry I got to participate in.
I believe that God is calling me over there and I'm testing things out by attempting to intern there this upcoming summer. Please partner with me in prayer on this matter because it is going to take a lot of God being amazing, like always, to make it happen especially in such a short time.
I hope to post more about my trip soon. God bless.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Psalm 131

So recently a bomb went off in my life. BY bomb I pretty much me one of those events that makes you want to curl up into a bottle and stay there for a day or two. The kind of things you write country songs about. Except that I didn't. Mainly cause I couldn't. Instead of losing it I decide to change my perspective on it. I decided to put my faith into action and trust God. Which isn't easy and even now as I right this the only thing that is keeping from losing it is that trust.
I've realized that we as people are stupid. When ever something happens we start freaking out as if we know the outcome and of course it is never in our favor. Of course we don't know the outcome of things, heck must of us can't say with certainty what is going to happen in a few hours much less any period of significant time. Which i s the beauty of trusting God because he of course does know with certainty; not that it is easy to stop yourself from running down that path. But that is why our life is littered with testimonies to God. It is so easy to be a pessimist we forget to remember God and his dealings; which by the way is a theme running through out scripture. We ask God and interrogate him and all that time we forget to look to the right and see the altar we built when God delivered us the last time something happened. This is the cry form Psalm 131. I see David with his tear streaked face, a raging turbulent ball of emotion lifting his eyes and saying simple trust God. When nothing makes sense trust God. Remember who he is and who you are. And after that statement David would just sit there empty handed wrapped in the loving embrace of God.
That's my life right now. Learning trust and trying to remember how little I am.