Tuesday, November 14, 2006

The right heart

I just recently gave a talk on Galatians 6:7-10. This passage speaks of a lesson that I have been learning the hard way over the past year or so. Verse 9 has become a sort of motto for me during the hard times of life. The more I look into it and meditate on it the more deep truths I gleam from it. At face value it is a simple statement. Never tire of doing what is good. This is a mentality that is changing my life. Just spend a day thinking on this and acting it out and you will be exhausted. One of the big things I got out of my recent study on this is that the good doesn't have to be big, in fact the focus I think is on small deeds. Don't get me wrong, giving some one money for groceries or sending a few hundred buck for a mission trip or school bill is a very noble thing along with all the other big ways we try to change the world. But what about something as simple as giving some one a card, or telling some one you are praying for them. Calling up a loved one just tell them you love them. These little things are hard we just don't think to do them; or we don't see how these acts are glorifying to God.

This whole area of doing good has hit me the most in being obedient. It is one thing to allow God control in the realm of things that are large and forcibly out of our control. To trust God to provide a position for me after Moody isn't difficult. It is the things that I feel that I can actually control that are hard. Like the girl I marry. Spending time with him instead of sleeping, or studying. The funding for my missions trip. These are the place where I want to do the things I want not the good (what God wants).

But I've realized that with out the right heart, with out total obedience than the little we do testifies against us. If we know to do the big things we should know to do the small things. If we trust God in the big than we should trust him in the small. I mean what's worse ignorance or disobedience? I guess that is really all I have, just think about it.

Saturday, November 04, 2006


The past few weeks have been kinda hard but I can say with confidence I'm better for them. I have come up with two conclusions during this time
  1. God is amazing, awsome, etc.
  2. Grace is amazing especial when it come to God's dealings with us.

Friday, October 06, 2006

John 13:35

By this all men will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.

I had this thought in class today and I wanted to share it. Look at what Jesus tells his disciples. All men will know by your LOVE FOR ONE ANOTHER. Where and when did we lose this. Jesus doesn't say that your cognitive knowledge will be the sign. He doesn't say that our well thought out systematic theology is going to be the sign to unbelievers. He doesn't say that out morally outstanding lives will be the thing that keys people into our identity as Christians.

He says it will be our love. But he doesn't stop there He says it will be our love for one another. How we relate our conduct with and towards one another is the key to expanding the kingdom. If we don't offer a better community than Starbucks why in the heck would people want to come into the church? Heck why are we still in the church for that matter?

Monday, September 18, 2006

good and bad

I just finished watching a movie titled the United States of Leland. I highly recommend it. It has this great theme running through it about how the bad makes the good better. This quote explains it.
Its all part of the trade off man. I mean, Love is only such a great thing
because you know what it feels like to get your heart broken. What it feels
like to be alone.
I think that there is deep truth in that. For instance the times I've studied Godless religions or cultures it has made me all the more appreciative of the relationship I have with him. Or the time I have with my friends after a long absence always seems better than the times when I'm always with them. It like how reading, or trying to, in the dark makes you all the more appreciative of reading in the light. This has a funny dynamic when it comes to people that don't know God. Being with them makes me all the more awed by God but my heart also breaks because the don't know how much life with him is.

I guess all this is to say that bad things happen so that our weak minds can more fully comprehend and enjoy the good.

Saturday, September 02, 2006

My heart breaking realization

As I was walking to and from class today I had a startling realization. I'm weak. Not I can't lift a frozen turkey weak but My heart is weak. It forget things. I'm talking about my keys, or meal ticket or even my parents birthdays. I forget things of the heart. I have great friends and when I don't get to spend time with them I forget how truly great they are. I don't remember how much fun we have and the side splitting laughter. When I'm not in a close community I forget just how amazing community truly is.
Even with people I love, like my parents and even a girlfriend I realized that I forget these things. I forget how one wink from her can brighten my day. I forget what it is like to hold her hand, to touch here face, to kiss here. I don't remember the sound of her voice, although I know it, I forget her smell. I forget her and how she makes me feel.
All these things were ok until I had my Heart rendering, demolishing realization. I forget Christ. My Savor. My Lord. My One True Love. I forget Christ! I forget his presence, his voice, his love, his teachings. I forget what it is like to be with him and feel completely welcomed and completely unworthy. I forget the knee bending love we find in his presence. I forget the depths of the riches of knowing Him. I forget the power I receive through him. I forget to become like him. I forget just how much I need him. And that tore me apart, and scarred me that I'm so weak that I could forget my Jesus.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Here it goes

Honestly, I should be sleeping. There is absolutely no reason why I'm up except the fact that thanks to Jamie Miller I'm doing this. I just got done listening to one of Consumed podcasts and was so moved I had to do something, say something. Which brings us back to this. I've been thinking of doing this for a while but had just decided that it wasn't necessary. I'm not going to say anything deep and profound our original. Plus odds are that every thing I say will have been said ten times better than some one else already because I'm not the best with words. So this is all I have. My heart who I am and the thoughts I think. Nothing specially, nothing new or great but simple honesty. Jamie by the way I love and I think you rock. You and every one else at Consumed have made a huge impact on me and I can say that I wish you all were here or I was there cause I can honestly say that you guys help me to be better. I actually miss the community I get when I'm around ya'll.