Saturday, February 23, 2013

Harder than I thought: The New 52 #6

When I set out to do this one new entry a week thing aka 52 new entries in a year I thought that it would be challenging but not difficult. I mean with all the hours I have during a week, how difficult would it be to find two to sit down and write a post. Well it has been a lot harder than I thought. Its been difficult to not only find and take the time to write but to also seclude myself so when my wife listens to her music or radio it doesn't break my train of thought. Its been hard to not feel pressure mounting as I miss one blog, then a second, and now all of a sudden I'm three weeks behind with a new one due in two days. So really I need four post by Monday AHHH! While I realize this is a personal challenge and no one is going to come walking up to me in December and say "Hey, I noticed you only got 49 post written. For shame." but it is important to me to meet my mark. Yeah I'm just that kind of guy. I like to meet my goals. Yet the single most difficult thing I've found about this so far is the creation of a post. Having a thought, fleshing it out, writing it down. Its a process that takes time. Creating engages me with God in a special way, it makes me more like him. That being said it is daunting, its more difficult than I remember it being, but it is more than worth it. I hope you are enjoying this journey.

Think some thing, Think some thing...

Now go be like God and create something.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Without limits: The New 52 #5

As I have been trying to live a more fit life, which means eating better and exercising more, I noticed that I'm very comfortable. I've noticed that I have a tendency not to push myself. I noticed that instead of forcing my muscles to push out the last rep or pull up the extra weight I'll just call it done a few reps early or leave that little bit of weight off the bar. Why run... when I can just walk my 5k? I'd like to say that it was just physical exercise that I was slacking off on but when I looked at my life I realized in just about every area I allowed myself to be comfortable. I positioned myself well behind the boundary of my abilities to keep my life easy. Maybe you can relate? When I thought about my life I realized that I haven't been pushing myself physically since high school and mentally since college. Sure there were moments of testing my metal, like Marriage: year one (yes that is a reference to comic books) or packing up everything I own and living out of a backpack for 3 months Czech, but in reality my life is comfortable. But I want that to end. No in fact that is ending. Just the other day I started to run during my nightly walks. I can't even remember the last time I ran for anything yet alone just because its different from walking. I'm going to start teaching Sunday school to teenagers which mean I best be bringing my "A" game. I mean you know teenagers in the morning. Maybe you feel the same. I think it is natural for us to desire comfort. It is a rare human being who pushes their limits continuously.What if Paul was hinting at this concept in 1 Cor 9:27 and in Romans 12:2. What if pushing our limits, pushing our humanity, is something God wants from us?