Monday, October 07, 2013

Hey you, You're cancer. The New 52 #12

(caveat this is ruff and barely edited but also the only way I was every going to pick this back up, sorry Jenna don't judge me too harshly)
How strange would it be if a doctor walked up to one of their patients and said that they were cancer, not that they have cancer, or are infected with cancer but that their identity is tied in to their cancer. Its a crazy idea right?
To label a person's identity to an infection they carry around. Yet if your going to label someone by their infection  you can understand cancer right. I mean cancer is so unpredictable and invasive. It consumes and destroys those that have; and while it may go into remission there is always that fear that it might come back, that it never really went away. In many cases cancer seems hopeless. While identifying some one as cancer may seem ridiculous think about sin.
Sin is a lot like cancer. Sin is invasive and consuming. It destroys things we love and hold dear. Its unrelenting and always waiting for us. Sin is hopeless. Sin, like cancer, is also an unnatural thing. While cancer is a mutation in health cells, sin is a mutation in our souls.
Yet so many time we have very little problem labeling some one a sinner. How many times have you heard some one begin a gospel presentation with "You're a sinner." We have no problem labeling ourselves as sinners, in fact its so easy for us it is mockingly called "worm theology"
 As humans we weren't designed to sin. While we may be born into sin, we aren't born to sin. We are designed to share in the likeness of God, to bear his image and radiate his glory. We are more than a hopeless walking infection, we are image barriers. From time to time we may sin, or live a life of sin, the good news is that we are more than our sin. There is a remedy to our infection and it is the person and work of Jesus. Through him we can be health, we can be made right, be made whole.

The world may be sick but there is a cure. We are so much more than the thing that ail us.

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