Thursday, March 06, 2014

The new 52 #13 (yes its still a thing)

This is a something I just wrote for Melissa. In the process of forging one life out of two friction happens. In these I need to be reminded just how much I need and love my wife. She is a treasure I don't deserve. She doesn't even know about it because she is sleeping in the other room. Its going to be a little surprise in the morning. I'm sorry baby.

When I said “I do” what I really meant to say is

I'll do my best to give you my all.
I'll sacrifice myself so that you won't have too.
I'll do all I can to provide for us.
I'll fight for this marriage in-spite of myself.
I'll say I'm sorry as soon as it hits me I need to.
I'll say I'm sorry a lot but mean it every time.
I'll set you up for success.
I'll take the blame for failing.
I'll sleep in the guest room because you need space.
I'll grovel at you feet when I forget to treat you with respect.
I'll need forgiveness daily.
I'll push the limits of your grace.
I won't every get being married figured out.
I'll love you more today than yesterday.

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